Part of me still loves you, part of me remains, what is left of hope, is slowly fading grey. I used to think you loved me, and i realized this today, you think your so above me, and you play my emotions with your ways.

What its like to love you, is like frostbite on a winters day, placed no one above you, and relentless you let it fade to grey.

No hope lies in a love so scorched, no future just a past, cause if this love was meant to, the foundation should of last.

Humiliation, shame, curses and the like, is all you ever gave to me, you didnt have no right. 

Lies and false representation, stories and made up scenarios, the truth is out and has been told. I know all your demons i met every last, i know that this love you pretend that you love will never end up, the end.


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